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“Much thanks to Jeremy Kurck and Kurck Training, Inc.  With Gemma being mostly German Shepherd, I knew that she would be a large dog and could be hard to manage.  A friend recommended Jeremy, and I have been nothing short of amazed!  He taught me how to implement techniques to get the best possible results.  He was available to me all the time, and believe me, I needed him.  There were some things that I simply wasn’t willing to do, and- instead of giving up on me- he gave me alternative methods of training.  I have incorporated his techniques in training my other two dogs, and they are coming along fantastically.  To do the training sessions, he came to me, which worked out beautifully, as I am self-employed and time is a hot commodity.  Gemma follows commands and does as she is told, when she is told.  She follows good canine obedience and even does a few little tricks!  We aren’t finished with our training, but we are well on our way.  I am proud to take Gemma places, and would/do recommend Kurck Training, Inc. for anyone who wishes to have an obedient pet.”

~Evelyn D. from Arkansas



“Maggie became a completely different dog after training with Jeremy.  There was no way I would even think of taking her to a restaurant, and now we have no problem going anywhere!  I love my dog, and I am so glad we found Jeremy!  She could not be the dog she is today without him!”

~Sydney E. from Arkansas


“After much research, my family decided to adopt a German Shepherd puppy.  The puppy wasn’t in a shelter, but I say adopt because we truly love and accept our pets like they are one of our children.  We had never owned a German Shepherd before, but we had read how they are intelligent, loyal, hard workers and great family dogs.  So, we jumped in not exactly knowing what we were doing.

“It became apparent early on that German Shepherds are naturally confident dogs.  They see the world differently than other dogs we had owned in the past.  We all began to look at each other with wide eyes and shrugs, but not verbalizing that we were in over our heads.  But, the time came when we could not deny this truth any longer.  I tried a dog day care/training place close to our house with grand promises of socialization and training.  We tried this for a month with only success at the particular day care.  No progress on any other front.

“I found Kurck Training on the internet and called Jeremy.  It has been the best phone call I have ever made.  Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Our dog is a different dog since we have started training with Jeremy.  Her obedience kicked into high gear almost immediately since our first training session.  Other than her improved behavior, Jeremy has established a relationship with our dog.  She is excited to see him and works to please him.  She actually enjoys the training sessions, which makes it fun for everyone.

“Given all of this, I highly recommend Kurck Training to anyone who is looking for a trainer.  Jeremy knows his stuff and is highly professional.  But most of all, he has our dog’s trust–that’s the true sign of great trainer.”

Ashlie B. from Arkansas

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